Hemet Jeep Club

The Hemet Jeep Club is family friendly organization dedicated to off-road fun. Our club meets on a monthly basis for meetings, raffles and runs within California and some times surrounding states. Started in the 1940’s, Hemet Jeep Club is one of the oldest car clubs in America with over 70 families involved and a member base of all ages.

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Hemet Jeep Club – News & Events

Coyote Canyon, June 2014

Coyote Canyon is pretty much where the Hemet Jeep Club started as it was part of the Cavalcade that started in Anza and ended in Borego Springs. Every year Mike Ledbetter puts on a overnight camping trip at Baileys Cabin.  We have members that just come up for the evening and travel back down and others who pitch a tent and stay the night. Baileys Cabin, depending on who you ask, was built by the Bailey brothers as an outpost for their cattle operation and has been preserved and taken care of by the numerous people that come to visit and the state of California. It is located basically at the end of the upper Coyote Canyon where the closure is now at. The run isn’t that hard, but its not so much for the run as for the campfire story’s that...

Heartbreak Ridge, June 2014

John Murphy has put this run up for the past two years and its spectacular! Located up in the mountains of Big Bear, its perfect for a cool run in the middle of summer “What a great bunch of folks to go Jeeping with! We crawled over rocks,threaded our way through narrow canyons and we even met another Jeep Club on the short road to the top of Heartbreak ridge, which was very interesting, to say the least That club had 8 jeeps in it! They backed up the sides of the hill, backed into canyons, and did everything to help us all get through! What great co-operation! Indeed this remains one of my favorite Jeep trips!!!!” John...

Hemet Jeep Club

The Hemet Jeep Club is an active club with monthly meetings, raffles and frequent jeep runs all over the local and surrounding areas. Click the below link to learn more about the group and what we do.


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Jeeping Tips & Checklist

To help everyone have a great time on our runs, in the interest of safety and trail conservation, the Hemet Jeep Club recommends the following trail rules, supplies and equipment when attending our events …


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Jeep Trails

The Hemet Jeep Club does everything from simple 2wd trail runs to extreme rock climbing to parades. The following is a list of some of the popular trails in the area as well as notes and location tips.


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Club Sponsors

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Membership Information

Hemet Jeep Club meeting are the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Meeting locations change on a monthly basis depending on the planned event.
Guests are always welcome to attend meetings and runs.
For specific meeting locations, please contact Dan McGraw
For additional membership and club information …


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