I was able to attend the Cal 4 Wheel convention this year for the first in at least 15 years. It’s a long drive to Rancho Cordova from Hemet but good thing for me Josh E. drove while I tried to stay awake.

We got there in time to check in and walk around to see what was going on. Because Carol and I had been involved and attended convention for many years we know a lot of people from all over the state and I got to see some old friends. We are all a little bit older (except Nellie Malloy she never seems to age) and some are no longer with us.

I had a chance to see past President Pete Horvath and his wife Pat who hadn’t attended in years he is pretty frail these days but helped modernize the association. I have a feeling this was my last chance to see him.

Kate Olsen who hasn’t attended since her husband Ole had passed – she is still a force of nature you wouldn’t to cross. Steve Morris who was the first Association President in 1959 using a cane and talking about no longer swearing in the president each year. I bring this up because these people were instrumental in promoting 4 Wheeling and keeping trails open but we need new people to pick up the cause. Even the folks got involved at the same time as me are gray haired and we talked about all our old folks ailments.  We got to mingle with everybody on Friday night in the Hospitality rooms.

The next day we went to the meeting for some reports and bylaws changes the only one that didn’t pass was the one that gave the individual members more delegates than one in each district. After the meeting we got dressed up for the banquet and awards. Steve Morris received the first sixty year pin and we had two members receive their 40 year pin Mike Hardy collected both his and Brain Fusilier’s pin – that is quite a commitment.

We decided to leave early and that was a good thing we got through the Grapevine as it was starting to snow and was closed before we got home.

All in all the 60th annual convention of Cal 4 Wheel was awesome and I’m glad I made the trip – I implore everyone that is or isn’t a member to attend the next convention! Cal4Wheel’s Conventions are a time for not only the annual meeting, but also fun, food, and friends. The 2020 Convention will be held February 14-16, 2020 at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District in Clovis, California. – Mike Ledbetter