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The Hemet Jeep Club is family friendly organization dedicated to off-road fun. Our club meets on a monthly basis for meetings, raffles and runs within California and some times surrounding states. Started in the 1940’s, Hemet Jeep Club is one of the oldest car clubs in America with over 70 families involved and a member base of all ages.

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Hemet Jeep Club – News & Events


CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!! April 27, 2015, is the deadline for public comments on the Draft Resource Management Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft RMP/EIS) for the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Carson City District, Sierra Front and Stillwater Field Offices.Once finalized, the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Carson City District, Sierra Front and Stillwater Field Offices’ RMP will provide management direction for almost 5 million acres of public land in northern Nevada.Currently, the DEIS might be interpreted to preclude designation of “dry washes” as an OHV route. The elimination of dry or sand washes from interim management prescriptions or subsequent project level travel management plans could functionally close most of the desert because motorized travel would be “limited to designated roads and trails.” As OHVers know, washes are often the historic backbone of any desert-based route network.  Washes either function as a trail or trails traverse them. BRC is concerned the DRMP/EIS does not clearly codify future “area” designations in the document.  BRC believes it is important for the agency to describe a strategy for the designation of staging/camping areas. Area designations may also include future “play” areas or other open areas where said use is an important recreational experience. The agency should grant itself broad authority to designate varying acreages (using historical and anticipated use patterns) from 1 to 20 acres or more for said uses. BRC believes the agency should develop a process to expedite the approval of competitive and other permitted events that are well-known, historic, and reoccurring. This can be accomplished through known “pre-approved” routes from which an event organizer can choose....

Trip to the “S”

This trip started out as a small deal and before I knew it, we had 14 Jeeps and over 30 people. The weather was awesome and could see for miles in the clear sky. We started our run from Patsys Country kitchen and headed up the back way to Banning and onto old Idylwild Road and took our time checking out the sites and such. We had one breakdown, Ed, a guest of mine, had his ’72 CJ5 out for the first time and broke the rear end – he ended up taking the rear driveshaft out and limped it home. We had lunch on the south end of Lockhead. Ended up heading the rest of the way up the mountain and a couple of us made it up the side trail to the S. We ended up going to the radio towers and took pictures. All in all it was a fun trip and most everyone I talked to wanted to do it again – maybe even do some more exploring out in them hills.....


NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION Help save Moab’s Trails Deadline March 31, 2015 From the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) The Grand County Council has identified over 100 miles of road closures in its proposed Public Lands Initiative (PLI) plan to be submitted to Representative Rob Bishop. This proposal is scheduled to be voted on by the end of the month, so it is imperative for you to take action today! Utah’s Grand County, home to Moab’s world class OHV trails, has been participating in Congressman Rob Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative, a plan to resolve some of Utah’s most contentious public lands issues, including Wilderness and OHV use. BRC, our member clubs and other stakeholders, including counties, have been involved in the process from the beginning: Utah Land Use Legislation: Threats and Opportunities, Key Players After last November’s elections, Grand County’s new Council initiated a process to put finishing touches on its recommendations to Congressman Bishop. OHV users, including Ride with Respect (RwR), Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ and the Red Rock 4-Wheelers have been participating. For the most part, the process had been proceeding in a reasonable direction. Sadly, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Less than twenty-four hours prior to a public hearing on the matter, the new Council removed measures that would have secured long-term OHV access. Before OHV users had a chance to analyze and assess the proposal, the County officially finished the draft plan for submission to Bishop that would close over 100 miles of roads and trails! Grand County’s Draft Plan would eliminate the 10 Mile Wash Road and impose seasonal closures on Hey Joe Canyon,...

Split Rock 2015

Our annual Split Rock Trip went off with only two broken Jeeps and from what I hear, no broken hearts. The weather was beautiful and the trail was even prettier. There were a total of 19 Jeeps with a few guests. There were no serious break downs other than Rob Thorburns Jeep sheared off a center pin off his leaf spring pack causing the rear end to shift enough to rub a hole in his gas tank. We fixed it that night and found that rubbing a bar of soap on the crack in question actually stopped the gas leak – I would’ve lost a ton of money betting against that. Kyle Jones succumbed to a broken oil pressure sensor that luckily enough, Rick Whitener had a bolt that plugged it up nicely and kept Kyle in the the race, so to speak. Sunday morning a few of us made it over to the Carrizo Depot and an old Dolomite...

Tierra Del Sol’s Desert Safari 2015

If you didn’t make it out to TDS’ s Desert Safari this year – you missed out. The Hemet Jeep Club helped out Tierra Del Sol with making trails, monitoring trails during the run and with 4 – wheel To Heal, a wounded warrior project taking vets out 4-wheeling. It was a pleasure helping them!...

Snow Day 2015

We finally got a little bit of snow in the beginning of March and took full advantage of...

HemetJeepClub.com 2.0

The new HemetJeepClub.com website is up! The new mobile friendly layout will make it easier to find club information as well as publishing Hemet Jeep Club news & events. If you see any suggestions or have any problems with the new layout … please let Josh...

Adopt-a-trail run – July 2014

Great evening jeep trip! Special thanks to Mark De Vore for getting us through in one piece! And as luck would have it, we were lucky enough to see the super moon!...

July 4th Parade

Like ever year, the Idyllwild 4th of July parade was a blast! “Everyone was in great spirits, waving flags ,throwing candy – well I mean handing candy out.  Some of us got in trouble for doing that. We had 12 jeeps join the fun. The parade marshal stopped us and said thanks for coming an said that it would not be the parade without Hemet Jeep Club being there” Dan Wilson, Trip Chairman  ...

Hemet Jeep Club

The Hemet Jeep Club is an active club with monthly meetings, raffles and frequent jeep runs all over the local and surrounding areas. Click the below link to learn more about the group and what we do.


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Jeeping Tips & Checklist

To help everyone have a great time on our runs, in the interest of safety and trail conservation, the Hemet Jeep Club recommends the following trail rules, supplies and equipment when attending our events …


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Jeep Trails

The Hemet Jeep Club does everything from simple 2wd trail runs to extreme rock climbing to parades. The following is a list of some of the popular trails in the area as well as notes and location tips.


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Membership Information

Hemet Jeep Club meeting are the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Meeting locations change on a monthly basis depending on the planned event.
Guests are always welcome to attend meetings and runs.
For specific meeting locations, please contact Dan McGraw
For additional membership and club information …


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