Every year we get the great opportunity to be apart of the town of Idyllwilds 4th of July Parade and This years 4th of July parade was amazing like usual. 

There was some concern about getting up the hill due to the ongoing construction on the highway from the floods in February that washed out the road pretty bad in a few different spots. 

Luckily, there were no snags as a few small groups ventured up the hill to meet up and our gracious host Dan W’s beautiful Idyllwild Home where all of us were treated to coffee and a few, some donuts ( there might be a little controversy over the amount of donuts purchased) The morning was great and we all made it safely and the weather was spectacular. 

We then got in our decorated jeeps went to get lined up and just before we started the parade, we saw 4 deer walking near a house no more than 20 yards from me which was pretty neat. 

The parade itself was fun and everyone seemed to love the fact we were there and cheered us on! 

After the parade, most of us returned to Mr. Wilsons home for an awesome lunch cooked my Matt DeVore and accompanied with delicious side dishes from everyone – no one left hungry! 

Thank you very much to Dan and Angel for being great hosts and thank you very much for everyone that attended!