Like always, Hurkey creek is a favorite among the members and guest of the Hemet Jeep Club. Once a year in late September we venture up to cooler weather in the mountains of Idyllwild California and invade Hurkey Creek Campground. This year was no different and a great time was had by everyone.  Dan W. organized one heck of  a trip this year and with awesome help from Amanda K., Stephanie V.,  Donna D, Carol L and a slew of others, we had a great kids games and prizes.  I led the run on Saturday down our A.A.T. club trail while Bob K. led a “ice Cream” run up through Thomas mountain and down through little Thomas mountain into Anza to the local Dairy Queen. 

Saturday afternoon we has the infamous Hurkey Creek pot luck where Matt D. slaved over two smokers to make Tri Tip for everyone while everyone else put their best recipes out and made unbelievable side dishes.  I’m pretty confident I was not the only one who ate too much. 

That  evening we held our monthly meeting then afterwards, Derek V put on one heck of a raffle where there was even a black powder rifle up for grabs! (Thank you to Jason C). 

After the meeting and raffle, we sat around the campfire and told stories and lies, made smores for the kids (and adults!) and some even ventured off to have a great game of cards.

Last year we started a new tradition and Sunday morning we all chipped in and made bfast for the whole group. Some made bacon, while others made famous breakfast potatoes, pancakes and pretty much anything else you could think of – again, we were so full it was a tad difficult to pack up and leave. 

A truly great time and thank you to all that came and contributed!