Just like that, Summer is almost over so I wanted to get one last trip up the mountain with everyone to see the “S” and the valley with the summer sky’s and summer sunsets one last time and this trip did not disappoint. 

We had a total of 15 (Well, we started with 15, but poor Mark D’s Cherokees engine gave up on the way up the canyon)  Jeeps and one Truck.  Two guests for the first time, came out to the parking lot and made the trip up the hill.   I can only imagine how hard it is for a complete stranger to come out and see a bunch of people who know each other talking carelessly and having a great time as we do but we have a great group of members and from what I can tell, the guests were made to feel at home and were very welcomed!

We ended up getting to my normal spot around 6:30 pm and I started to make dinner when I saw the plethora of food being unloaded onto tables brought by the masses – I really wished we didn’t have the greatest cooks in the valley, like everyone else, I ate too much.

We gathered up and after a few minutes of threatening to push my non-starting Jeep down the mountain, I finally gathered my senses and figured out my immediate problem and then got the Jeep started and out to the radio towers to see the entire western valley. 

I love doing this run so much, but solely for the reason that its super close to home and when you take people that have lived in this valley their entire lifes and have never seen the valley from atop the hill, its makes me smile knowing that I led them there and they can see what most others will never see.

Hope to see you all on my next trip!

coming up the road to the top of the mountain – we stopped for a quick picture

Jill S. can barely contain her excitement!

Its been said that we are a Jeep Club with a eating problem