Our club is dedicated to "off road" fun. On a monthly basis, the club holds meetings, raffles, and runs to different parts of California, as well as runs to other states. The Hemet Jeep Club is one of the oldest car clubs in America, dating back to the late 1940's. Our membership includes a wide variety of ages. Our runs include everyone, no matter how young or old. There are about 70 families in the club, some of them have several generations of members in the club. Members in our club include nurses, firefighters, police officers, businessmen, teachers, retirees, mechanics, engineers, politicians, and many others. If you're looking for a great "off-road" experience and have a 4x4, come out and have some fun! One of the best things about our club is that we offer the opportunity to form great friendships with people who are dedicated to the sport of off-roading. It is safer to go out wheeling in a group and we are always there to help. We will never leave you stranded. We are there to guide the novice and thrill the experienced off-roader. So, come out and join us at a meeting and/or a run! Our website is here to keep you informed and show off member's rigs. It is also a great place to ask questions and to interact with Hemet Jeep Club members. Feel free to explore our website and click on all the links.  


Yolie's Blast From The Past...

Jeeper Checklist

In order to make sure everyone has a great time on the Jeep Runs, please be sure you have the following recommended supplies and are familiar with the trail rules:

  1.  Full gas tank.
  2.  Lunch
  3.  Jacket
  4.  Tow strap
  5.  Tow hooks
  6.  Tire gauge
  7.  Fire extinguisher
  8.  CB radio
  9.  Have dune flag available
  10. First-aid kit
  11.  An air pump is a nice addition
  2. Wait to make sure that the person behind you sees you make the turnoffs. Make sure they make difficult
    hills and other sections. Wait clear of the blind spot at the top and strap or winch them up if needed.
  3. There is no need to drive in the dust of the person in front of you. Drop back a bit and breathe some clean air. The person in front will wait at turnoffs and should keep track of you.

Keep Our Trails Open

We believe in keeping our trails open.  We also subscribe to responsible trail use.  Unfortunately, it is sad to see that every year there are trail closures that are led by misguided environmentalists.  We love the outdoors as much or more than they do.  That is why we go out on runs as frequently as we do.  Why close areas off?  When that happens, nobody wins.  Some environmentalists never see the outdoors.  We experience it.  On the Links page you will find links to some of the organizations that promote off-road use, government agencies, and politicians.