Hemet Jeep Club

The Hemet Jeep Club is family friendly organization dedicated to off-road fun. Our club meets on a monthly basis for meetings, raffles and runs within California and some times surrounding states. Started in the 1940’s, Hemet Jeep Club is one of the oldest car clubs in America with over 70 families involved and a member base of all ages.

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Hemet Jeep Club – News & Events

T.D.S. Desert Safari 2016

This years Desert Safari hosted by the prestigious Tierra Del Sol Jeep club of San Diego Ca is officially in the books. The Hemet Jeep Club stepped up again Derek V. hammering a stake for the safety straps to hold down the main archway into the TDS encampment HJC member staking out the washes Friday Morning TDS and HJC Jeeps on the Trail during the 4-Wheel-To- Heel Run Saturday Morning Saturday Morning with Raceline wheels, BFG and 4-wheel-to-heal getting ready for a morning run through the desert A brief Break during the 4-Wheel-to-Heal run Saturday Morning Mud bogs at its finest. This Bronco was on 40″ boggers – that is how deep the hole was getting Over looking the Salton Sea near Bombay Beach The aftermath of Kody K’s Labrador deciding that the Salton Sea is a good enough of a place to go for a swim Sunday Morning this year to help TDS where ever we could, like setting up trails, spending our weekends before the event helping to clean the area, etc, etc.  This easily could have turned into a nightmare but rather turned out to be a great time had by all. TDS lost its permit to use the off-road park as their base of operations this year due to a environmental inspection of a horned tail lizard which resulted in moving the entire run over to Johnsons Landing in Salton Sea.  This is also the first year that TDS did not have an organized run due to the lost permit.  TDS did the next best thing, made another obstacle coarse at Johnsons landing which resulted...

Desert Splash 2015

Bob K. led the group as he and Lalonnie had been to the event several times in the past few years. The group headed out Friday morning exploring the area of the desert where the events were to take place a day early. We explored several mines. And the trail was easy going for the most part. The weather couldn’t have better. We enjoyed great views of the river and desert. Eventually making it out the famous Parker Desert Bar only to find it closed as they are open on Saturday and Sunday only. So we had plan B with lunch snacks and a short time to enjoy the company of eachother for a bit before heading back to our campsite at the Blue Water RV Resort. Later we got together as a group at the Blue water casino’s restaurant and had a great dinner and had birthday cake for Donna Devore’s birthday back at camp. Saturday morning we headed over the start of the event at the La Paz campground where we got into our designated line for our run. Around 8:00 am we headed out into the desert. A short drive onto the trail was the “gatekeeper” a waterfall of large boulders twisted down a long off camber canyon. I’ll never forget Bob saying ” you better come look at this”! Over the radio. Our leader in his heavily modified YJ started down the canyon and about the halfway point the jeep rolls to the passenger side into the canyon wall with the driver rear tire 5′ in the air and the roll cage keeping the jeep...

18th Annual Earle Powers Memorial Run 2015

  Just like it has for the past 17 Year, the 18th Annual Earle Powers run went off with out a hitch and everyone there had an awesome time.  A few members ended up coming up Thursday evening, so early Friday morning a few of us decided to travel to the north shore of the Salton Sea and do some asphalt wheeling along with some sight seeing. Saturday morning we ended up having 30 jeeps so there ended up being two separate runs – one being led my President Roy Wallace and the other being let by run originator, Mike Hardy.  Both runs included members and guests. Everyone made it through the day relatively unscathed other than one member who was on Roy’s run, had a roll over and from what we were told, it couldn’t have gone over any nicer and gentle.  No one was hurt and the other members up-righted him and got back to wheeling – which I should add, the member who rolled, wheeled the rest of the day with no problems. Saturday evening we had a Mexican pot luck that turned out to be a feast!  After getting our belly’s full, we had a small ‘trick-or-treat’ deal for all the kids that showed up.  Some had costumes, some had glow sticks but everyone had a great time!     Entrance to Bombay Beach. This RV/Trailer park is located on the north side of the Salton Sea off HWY 111. Such a mesmorizing place and disturbing at the same time Pictures of some of the ruins around Bombay Beach More ruins Stopped atop of the Bombay...

Night Trip to the “S”

There was a thought that none of of us have been up to the “s” at night, so why not go?     We did.   12 Total Jeeps went.  Left San Jacinto at 4:45pm and ended up getting to the trail head to the S at the top of the mountain at about 5:45pm.  We had planned to have a pot luck of sorts doing hot dogs on a small propane grill along with a slew of deserts and side dishes that everyone brought up with them.  We went through about 50 hot dogs! We ended up staying in that spot till night fall and enjoyed the sights.   We then traveled over to the radio towers and took some pics and again, enjoyed the sights then trickled on down the hill and towards home. The weather was...

High Desert Round-Up 2015

HDR 2015 trail run is in the books! Hemet Jeep Club had a blast leading the Achy Breaky Run on Saturday. We had 31 jeeps total and only two flat tires and one lost skid plate. Started at 930 and came back to camp at 430. Everyone genuinely seemed to have a blast!   Saturday night we had the best equipped jeep contest Sunday the Hemet Jeep Club put on the Tortoise crawl.  This is a fun game to try and go as slow as possible, through a coned out course, while blind folded.  It made for great fun while testing your patience and concentration with all the hecklers! Sunday afternoon we had the kids games where all the kids who were trapped in thier parents jeeps had a chance to go out and play, goof off, etc.   Sunday evening was the raffle and prizes for the kids games – The Hemet Jeep Club also help to put on the great raffle, special kudos to Mike Hardy for sacrificing his personal time to make sure the adults, as well as the kids had a great raffle! Thanks again for CAL-4-Wheel, especially Jesse and Kieth for putting on such a great event! Last peak for the day during the pre-run Friday. Night of the best equipped Jeep...


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Hemet Jeep Club

The Hemet Jeep Club is an active club with monthly meetings, raffles and frequent jeep runs all over the local and surrounding areas. Click the below link to learn more about the group and what we do.


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Jeeping Tips & Checklist

To help everyone have a great time on our runs, in the interest of safety and trail conservation, the Hemet Jeep Club recommends the following trail rules, supplies and equipment when attending our events …


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Jeep Trails

The Hemet Jeep Club does everything from simple 2wd trail runs to extreme rock climbing to parades. The following is a list of some of the popular trails in the area as well as notes and location tips.


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Membership Information

Hemet Jeep Club meeting are the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Meeting locations change on a monthly basis depending on the planned event.
Guests are always welcome to attend meetings and runs.
For specific meeting locations, please contact Dan McGraw
For additional membership and club information …


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