On April 16th, members of The Hemet Jeep Club traveled to our Adopt A Trail, 4S21.

We set out at the bottom and worked our way up clearing some much needed areas of the trail. A perspective member eager to help brought a cordless chain saw others had tree loopers, pruners and a cordless Sawzall.

Everyone did an amazing job and we are grateful for the good turn out and an amazing job everyone did!.

Special thanks to the volunteers: Dan Wilson, the Daniels Family, Bob Kuester, Jeff Schenk, Bob Ogilvie, Cici Lucena, Dave Lippert, Angle S, Roy Wallace and Friend.

If I missed someone I apologize.

We had lunch at the top of the look out then eventually called it a day. Thank you to everyone that went out of their way to help clean a small portion of the forest that we call our Adopt A Trial!

– Steve Rapata