I want to thank all for coming and the people who help put this on.

The event stated with the margarita bar with everyone socializing , then the food started to come out ,oh so so good .you guys rock.

There was no run this year because they closed the forest, so it was just a nice relaxing day.
At 5.30 the margarita bar open then it lead to dinner, tri tip cook by Josh Epstein and staff all so so good thanks team .The sides dishes were just over the top and so filling .
The meeting came next , and Bob kuester started the raffle thanks Bob great job.
The kid games stared in the afternoon with Amanda and Kody taking charge and really entertaining the kids did a great job a big thanks for making it great.

A big good bye breakfast and everyone left with over full tummys – thanks again for all coming see you next year.

– Dan Wilson