Moab 2022 was a resounding success with 12 Jeeps challenging and (mostly) conquering some of the world’s toughest runs. Participants included Mike and Lisa, Rick Hodson, Wayne Schandor with Shotgun Robert, Robert and Leslie, Jon and Jen Woods, Dennis Pahuta, Lisa Roedel, Frank (Papa) Stanton with guests Justin Stanton and family, Kyle Gregory and family including dad Chris and Roy and Laura. Locals Charlie and Trena Harrison joined us for a couple of days.

Kane Creek was chosen for Monday with 12 starting and 11 finishing. Justin had an engine problem and turned back to camp. Hamburger Hill tried to make hamburger out of the Jeeps. Rick got to use his new winch and Dennis broke the trac bar volt and wrecked both upper front control arms. Trail fix to get out, but AAA for the highway and the shop. AND, a couple of local cowboys drove some strays right through the Jeeps as we were in various stages of stuck dealing with Hamburger!

Tuesday was a split day, Shaffer Switchbacks for a nice rest from Monday, or Golden Spike for the MA (more adventure) group. Justin led the MA group on Golden Spike in reverse. The trip, not the Jeep. A long day for them. Not getting back till 7 pm.

We hadn’t done the now 7-rated Flat Iron Mesa in years, so off we went on Wednesday. Wayne blew out his front diff early on, and went back to town and the shop. He wins the $$$ contest, first estimate was $1800. Ask him. But wait! The MA group, Justin and family and friends, decided to tackle (also 7-rated) Moab Rim that day. They made it up ok, but coming down wasn’t so easy and the crack provided a chance for Lisa to do a unicycle imitation, 3 off the ground? Almost took the shortcut to the highway. You have to have her tell you!

Thursday we all did Hell’s Revenge so our first timers could see THE Moab must-do Run. Traffic was greater than usual, but it gave us the opportunity to watch the daredevils do Hell’s Gate and The Escalator. We took the newly approved alternate route back to the main entrance. Avoids the scrabble pile.

Off to Zak’s for our group night out. Laura made reservations for 22. What we didn’t know is that they eliminated the salad bar and the self-serve pizza. COVID and they never got over it. Then, they assign one newish waiter for all 22 people. Then they initially would allow only 4 checks. THEN, they add on a 20% “ service charge” before they ask for a tip! So, next time =?

Rain was forecast for Friday so we picked a run with only Slickrock and sand. Jon led us on Fins and Things and, yes, it did rain. Due to the popularity of this trail they made it a one-way (counter-clockwise). Still lots of traffic, but under control.

Mike and Lisa earned the Attaboy Award for tail-Gunning every day and, believe it or not, we didn’t loose anybody all week!

Finally…..Big changes in Moab. It’s become very popular and the motels, Air B&Bs, and RV parks are being bought up by big national corporations and the price of poker just went up. Portal has sold to Roberts Resorts. In addition to raising rates they now require 100% deposit at time of reservation. For our usual 6-night stay that’s $550-$600 a year in advance. It’s similar stories around town. Motels averaged $250/night Easter week.