HDR 2015 trail run is in the books!

Hemet Jeep Club had a blast leading the Achy Breaky Run on Saturday.

We had 31 jeeps total and only two flat tires and one lost skid plate.

Started at 930 and came back to camp at 430.

Everyone genuinely seemed to have a blast!


Saturday night we had the best equipped jeep contest

Sunday the Hemet Jeep Club put on the Tortoise crawl.  This is a fun game to try and go as slow as possible, through a coned out course, while blind folded.  It made for great fun while testing your patience and concentration with all the hecklers!

Sunday afternoon we had the kids games where all the kids who were trapped in thier parents jeeps had a chance to go out and play, goof off, etc.


Sunday evening was the raffle and prizes for the kids games – The Hemet Jeep Club also help to put on the great raffle, special kudos to Mike Hardy for sacrificing his personal time to make sure the adults, as well as the kids had a great raffle!

Thanks again for CAL-4-Wheel, especially Jesse and Kieth for putting on such a great event!