Just like it has for the past 17 Year, the 18th Annual Earle Powers run went off with out a hitch and everyone there had an awesome time.  A few members ended up coming up Thursday evening, so early Friday morning a few of us decided to travel to the north shore of the Salton Sea and do some asphalt wheeling along with some sight seeing.

Saturday morning we ended up having 30 jeeps so there ended up being two separate runs – one being led my President Roy Wallace and the other being let by run originator, Mike Hardy.  Both runs included members and guests.

Everyone made it through the day relatively unscathed other than one member who was on Roy’s run, had a roll over and from what we were told, it couldn’t have gone over any nicer and gentle.  No one was hurt and the other members up-righted him and got back to wheeling – which I should add, the member who rolled, wheeled the rest of the day with no problems.

Saturday evening we had a Mexican pot luck that turned out to be a feast!  After getting our belly’s full, we had a small ‘trick-or-treat’ deal for all the kids that showed up.  Some had costumes, some had glow sticks but everyone had a great time!